There is a great quote out there from Wade Foster, a pioneering sales person for Rocky Mountain Geo-Engineering, where he says -

“…Always remember that Mud Logging is more than just simple gas detection. Raw data from the rig must be interpreted and edited by a professional geologist in order to produce a valid mud log. The ability to edit data and display it in a meaningful form is what distinguishes a logging instrument from a simple rig-based gas detector…”

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MLogger gas detection provides proven CCD and TCD technology combined with a suite of logging software that can solve any of your mudlogging needs. With a linear response from 1% to 100% methane, the MLogger is the most accurate portable rental mudlogging instrument in the industry. Terra SLS, Inc. provides every instrument with certified test gas so the it can be calibrated at ease in the field.

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TLog’s simple, graphical interface allows geologists and mudloggers to build and array of mudlogs from simple strip logs to advanced complex logs from Mass Spectrometers. It has the ability to import and export data from a variety of formats including LAS, TXT, CSV, and image file formats. With a simple setup, the software can interface directly with any of our instruments and any WITS interface to provide a real-time data stream on log. Give us a call to find out more!

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The only portable FID for mudlogging applications, this “shoe-box” sized FID can be rigged up quickly in any wellsite work space. Terra SLS's FID-THA and FID-GC use a flame ionization detector (FID) and a backflush system for analysis C1 to C5 (methane, ethane, propane, iso-butane, n-butane, iso-pentane, and n-pentane) in 60 seconds without sacrificing C1 to C2 separation. The FID is fully WITS compatible, has flame out detection, hydrogen shutoff safety valve, and exports CSV, TXT, and LAS files.

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