Continuous Monitoring TerraAir Monitor

The perfect match of performance and cost combined

TerraAir is a continuous methane air monitor for wellsite and remote industrial monitoring. Its a solar powered cloud native IoT device producing continuous, reliable, outdoor methane emissions monitoring, TVOC monitoring, and particulate monitoring. Beyond methane and VOC’s, our remote monitoring platform builds on our decades of experience in distributed remote monitoring systems. Ideal for fence line and perimeter monitoring.

Easily integrate data stream into your RSG / ESG platform, or use our included platform.

Methane Air Monitor in Colorado

Continuous sampling as quick as once per second. Logging data to the cloud every 30 seconds, forever.

Perimeter Monitor

Designed to fit on a fence post, and serve as the first alert system in detecting leaks.

ClouD Native API

Integrate data into your own platform or ours.  Industry standard API’s available

Local Storage & Logic

Use onboard processor to  trigger sampling, or more complicated remote sampling

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