Excellent Peak Separation with C through C 5 in 60 Seconds

Safe and Reliable

On board Hydrogen shutoff safety valve 

Modern Software

Simple, web based  graphical interface written in HTML 5

Automatic Calibration

Specify your known test gas values, start a run and click calibrate!

Interface with anything 

Stream WITS over RS-232, Ethernet, UDP, TCP or Output to CSV, LAS,  or TXT

Builtin Integration Software

On board simple Integration Software makes calibrations, quick, easy, and accurate   

Precise Flow System

Digital Flow Controllers for both Makeup Air and Hydrogen 

The GC you would expect from the year 2020

Designed by Mudloggers and built for Mudlogging. Give us a call today to find out more!

Fast & Accurate

Cycle times in 60 seconds with 5ppm to 100% methane dynamic range


A small, lightweight, portable design, this Gas Chromatograph is the size of a shoe box. 

Log with Link-n-Log

When paired with our Link Box and Link-n-Log software to Link, Lag, and Log the data, this GC is the perfect mudlogging tool.