Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

A simple, robust, portable analyzer

This small instrument combines the functionality of a total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) with integrated CO 2, H 2S, and O 2 sensors. The THA uses a flame ionization detector (FID). Easy to use, wide measuring range, quick response time, WITS data streaming.  It makes a great tool for the mud logger.

Easy Calibration

Ultra simple calibration using onboard web application from any modern web browser

Native WITS 0140 Output

Run as apart of Link-n-Log or as a standalone gas analyzer.  Supports RS-232 WITS 01 Records and Ethernet, UDP, TCP

Fast Response Times

Rising response time is < 3 second.

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

Stop spending time wondering if your gas readings are correct.  Know they are with the TerraSLS FID Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Excellent Resolution

Get true PPM resolution, with 10ppm to 100% Methane dynamic resolution

Superior Digital Flow Control

Onboard Digital Mass Flow Controller for both Hydrogen and Make Up air ensures absolute reliability

Builtin Alarm

Integrated 80db Alarm for user configured alarms via embedded Web Interface