Andy Kelley – When Andy Kelley was President of Pason U.S.A. after selling his mudlogging company, Rocky Mountain Geo Engineering, he saw a need in the mudlogging world while visiting rigs across the US. The gas detection was old, run down, antiquated, and hard to use. He left Pason in 1999 to start Mudlogging Systems Inc. with Wade Foster, the first company to make a portable, easy to use, rent-able, digital gas detectors, the MLogger. He found a need to lease these to mudlogging companies across the US to help with equipment needs of various companies. This created a new standard in mudlogging.

Christian Fiot – A purest at heart Christian Fiot has always had a passion for instrumentation. He has built various instruments and sub-assemblies over the years, but none as impressive as his latest round with TerraSLS. The Flame Ionization Detector (or FID) that he built as a partner at TerraSLS is second to none, with fantastic response times and paired with a logging and lagging system (Link-n-Log), it creates quite a product suite. Christian also has sold many Mass Spectrometers, which is where he perfected his control and electrical signaling expertise.

Brandon Giddings – Entered the oil field in 2011 as the General Manager of Mudlogging Systems, Inc. He developed a rapport with the customers and came to understand their troubles. True to his entrepreneurial drive, decided to venture out on his own when he found a business opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Nothing like being in business for yourself to re-enforce the ‘get it done’ attitude. Brandon brings this presence to TerraSLS to make sure that “all the little things ARE the big things” in our daily operations.

Eric Arnoldy – The story goes that a neighbor, an opportunist, and a girlfriend (now wife) landed Eric in Grand Junction, in Feb 2007. Continually pushing the bounds of equipment and networks, Eric expanded the software and hardware capabilities of the original MLogger equipment. One of the best attributes he brings to the table is the ability to see the entire system as a whole. Eric has worked on numerous software and hardware projects which allow him to learn from the past and always push the bounds.

With Andy at the helm, Christian running all new R&D along with bringing over his FID technology, and Brandon running Operations, Terra SLS, Inc. was born. In 2018 Eric Arnoldy rejoined the team to run all software programming and new projects. Now with and experienced, knowledgeable staff Terra is at the forefront of portable, easy to use gas detection with many different software applications for the mudlogging world in addition to designing custom control solutions.