TLOg Mud log Editor

The standard in graphical editors

TLog is used to generate vertical and horizontal mudlogs and striplogs for use by geologists and mudloggers. TLog makes it simple to create new mudlog and striplog templates that can be easily tailored to a geologist’s or mud logger’s specific requirements. Data points can be displayed in various curve, lithology, histogram or image tracks depending on the geologists or loggers preferences.  

Data Formats Supported

It allows importing of data in various LAS, TXT, CSV and most image file formats

Data Exports

Export data in various image formats, such as PDF, TIFF, or PNG, or exported in file formats such as LAS or ASCII

Note Templates

Using Note Templates, one can easily use this a the report generator exporting all data of anytime

Lithology Exports

Lithology descriptions can be exported in a TXT file for use in a geology report.